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About My Body Positive Journey

My name is Ese, founder and designer of Sweet Design Studio.
Sweet Design Studio is a contemporary greeting card, gifts and creative platform celebrating body positivity for women of colour through her body shape, culture and movement.
What started out as a celebration of my own body shape (using my silhouette for my illustrations) has now evolved into collaborating with other influential woman who are challenging conventional standards of images you see in the media. Through this, I aim to celebrate realistic body imageries of women which can actually be related to. 
Sweet Design Studio stands for 3 things:
EMPOWER - Never feel conformed to fit in with society's idea of "beauty"
ELEVATE - Encouraging women to be proud and embrace their imperfections
EDUCATE - Discovering the great talent and power that women of colour possess

Being a black skinny woman in today's society isn't considered as attractive or even "normal". In my teens, going to an all-girls school didn't really do me any favours as I dealt with pressure to look a certain way in order to fit in. I wasn't so much of a shy person but whenever there were parties or outings outside of school I would feel really conscious about my body shape. If I went out with friends I would deliberately choose to wear loose clothes. My college years wasn't the best either as I was now in an environment where guys were very quick to observe and make a judgement on appearance.
It wasn't until studying Art and Design at uni that I started to discover my passion for illustration and this distraction made me not to think too much about my body image.
Fast forward to now, I'm still skinny but I choose not to feel insecure nor care about the opinions of others instead, I embrace my body in all its imperfections.
Women come in all shapes and sizes and it is not up to society to tell us which shape is ideal or not, It's up to YOU!