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Trading At A Trade Show - More Is More!


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There is no point of doing a trade show if you have very limited products, why because:

a) Trade shows are not cheap so don't waste all that great space you've been provided with. 

b) Big companies will definitely be attending so really represent your brand.

c) First impressions count for everything.

As I'll be trading at a greeting cards trade show, it's really important for me to cram in as many designs/collections as possible. But exactly how many are enough cards? If you, like me have visited greeting card trade shows in the past, the average amount would be 80+. Anything below, you should maybe consider waiting a bit longer for your debut.

You have to remember that one shell stand (sorry don't know the proper name for it) measures 100cm wide so having a collection of only 50 cards will really make your stand really empty. Remember that is just for one stand, usually, your stand will be a 2 x1 or 3 x 1 stand (will explain of this in next blog) so having more products, in my case cards is really beneficial as retail buyers will see you as a potential stockist and you'll get a sense of accomplishment seeing all that hard work being nicely displayed.

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