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No(body) Is Perfect!

I'm pretty sure Beyoncè has some parts of her body that she particularly isn't happy with, and you know what: it's completely fine. It means that she is normal. It's alway nice hearing stories from regular woman on how they triumph over their body insecurities. It's empowering, uplifting and most of all shows us that we're not alone.

With permission to repost her original blog, lifestyle blogger Natalia (a.k.a xlifediariesx) share her story on body image which I'm sure we women can all identify with. To hear more from Natalia check out her blog here: but for now, read and feel inspired.

After a long day at work, I’m usually stressed out and want to get home as quickly as possible so I can relax in the comfort of my own home. After cooking, cleaning and attending to my daughter making sure she is fed and doing homework, I put her to bed and it’s finally some ‘me’ time. I usually reach into the kitchen cupboard to grab a bag of crisps, chocolate biscuits or whatever I can find; it put’s me in a short state of happiness. It also keeps me pre-occupied and my mind away from the fact that life can be lonely as a single parent. Most nights I won’t even receive a phone call, but while I’m munching through my 3rd bag of crisps, I’m unbothered.

The next morning I’m up as normal, rushing to get ready for work. I pass my mirror to get to my daughter’s bedroom; I don’t like what I see. My double chin is more prominent; my belly is a little rounder than it was the week before. I just don’t like the way I look anymore, but yet I still continue to abuse my body with crap and leave me with zero confidence. I don’t even want to go out on dates. I’m okay with friends and family members seeing me gaining a few pounds because they will never mention it, even though sometimes I can be paranoid into thinking they want to see me looking slim and more attractive.

But on a real note, I will tell you how my body confidence affects me in my everyday life, without trying to moan. First I’ll start by saying I don’t feel confident and sexy like I use to when I was slimmer. I walk with my head down when I see a cute guy walking towards me. I’ve stopped shopping for clothes unless I really need something new only because I can no longer fit perfectly into a size 12, I think dresses make me look like a whale. Not only that but I’m forced to stand in front of the dressing room mirror longer than I want to. When I meet a guy who wants to date me, whether it be through a dating app, or somebody I’ve met in person I never go because If I feel unattractive how can I expect another human being to find me attractive also. I hate taking group photos with my friends because I feel fat next to them and I almost forgot to mention, I’ve been celibate for a few years because of this, which isn’t a bad thing.

Many people would say I should just start exercising and eating healthy and yes, they’re right to say that. You would think wanting to feel confident would be enough motivation, but some days it is and others not so much. I’ve been single for some time now, so nobody sees me naked and I avoid going to places where I need to dress up through fear of having to get my arms out or just feeling out of place. It’s just unfortunate that at this present time, the appearance of my own body makes me feel this way and ultimately only I have the power to change it.

But every new day is a chance to change the things I don’t like. I am working on my self-esteem though, trying to walk to work instead of jumping on the bus or swapping that packet of crisps for a fruit. I really wish I could say that I’m body confident, but presently I am not. I hope that after reading this blog post back to myself I would see a big change towards my attitude. I’ve set myself the challenge to love my body more and to treat it with goodness instead of junk.

Come back and ask me in a few months time. I hope the answer will be YES!!


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