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My #BodyLove Event

I really didn't know what I'd expect from my first creative event but I am so so glad I did it. My #Bodylove Poetry Event: Celebrating The Black Female Body not only received such an overwhelmingly good feedback, but it made me realize body image within the black and ethnic community is so underrated.
My reasons for creating #BodyLove was to find creative solutions that gave a platform for the voice of the unheard to share their stories, share their uniqueness, and celebrate their body their way.
I felt very empowered by my audience because it made me realize it wasn't just me who had a concern on how the black female body is portrayed in society. I believe more events like this needs to happen as I strongly believe that it is only the voice of everyday people who can challenge mainstream's media ideal perception of the 'perfect body' as well as 'standard beauty'.
My aim is to do more creative events in celebrating the black female body as I want to empower, elevate and educate women to help others to celebrate their body.

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