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How To Simplify Your 'To-Do-List'

The thought of participating in a trade show can be so overwhelming at times that you may easily forget the simplest of tasks to do for the preparations for your booth. 
As you already know, any big event you have coming you up, the importance of doing a 'to-do-list' is inevitable. For some, a 'to-do-list' may consist of downloading a snazzy template found on Pinterest or using some sort of time management app, but the 'To-Do' list that will really get you to take action is the best of them all and for this, all you need is two things: 
Three reasons why the pen and paper tradition is the best of them all are:
1) You can physically see and edit your list.
2) 100% much more simplified.
3) The sense of satisfaction/achievement when you cross off something from that list.
You're to-do-list needn't be laid out as a table or with countless subheadings, make it as simple and straight to the point as possible (see my example).
In today's digital age we rely heavily on our smartphones and pads so worst scenario if anything happens to your beloved companion, all that work can be gone just like that (unless you backed it up) but the point I'm making is with a traditional pen and paper method, you'll likely memorise what you have written and be sure to keep it in a safe place.
When writing your list, make sure its placed somewhere you can't avoid going to (I keep mine inside my wardrobe). It should be ingrained in your brain and something you see first thing when you wake up and last thing before going to bed. Also put next to your list a date of when you'd like it to be completed, that you definitely put pressure on you to complete your task.
Let me know your thoughts on the pen and paper method.

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  • Sydney Weaver on

    I’m with you…love a pen and paper. I actually carry a sticky note with me daily (placed near my lipstick so I look at it). I feel such a sense of gratification to be able to mark off what I have accomplished. My list never ends…smiles. Sure everyone else is on-going too because of LIFE! :)

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