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How I Celebrate My Body Shape: Mel Reis @iaimelreis

For my body celebration series, I celebrate a woman who I have the utmost respect for. Doing these particular illustrations really stood out for me as it's the first time I illustrate a disabled bodied woman (hopefully will not be the last). 
Mel Reis (@iaimelreis) is a Brazilian amputee ballerina who uses dance to empower girls to never give up on their aspirations and let nothing hold them back. What I really admire about Mel is her determination of not giving up and literally, in every one of her Instagram posts, she has the most glowing smile that just makes you melt. I was very fortunate enough to have an interview with her and find out what is so 'technological' about her body.


Describe the shape of your body in 3 words?

Modern, technological, daring

Where your favorite body feature?

The legs


What made you go into in your industry?

A motorcycle accident


What have been the challenges you've faced about your body shape within your industry?

My biggest challenges are on a daily basis with the dance


At what point did you start to accept the changes within your body shape?

From the moment I knew, I would need an amputation


Do you think within your environment/culture has changed attitudes towards accepting all types of the female body shape?

I try not to listen what my society thinks is 'acceptable' on the female body shape. We come in all shapes and sizes and that's the reality.


what would you tell your 15-year old self about on your body?

I have no problems with my body, be amputated is style, that's my opinion


How do you celebrate your body shape?

My body is my ideal lifestyle

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