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How I Celebrate My Body Shape: Dulcè Sloan @dulcesloan



I start off the new year in celebrating a confident woman who voices her opinion through laughter. Actress/comedian Dulcè Sloan shares how she celebrates her body and the changes she has seen in body acceptance.

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Describe your body shape in 3 words?

Proportionate, busty, voluptuous


Where is your favourite body feature?

My breasts.


What made you go into your industry?

I decided to become an actor when I was 6 yrs old and another comedian told me I was a comic and showed me that how I pull that out of myself. I love both professions and they enhance the other.


What have been the challenges you’ve faced about your body shape within your industry?

I haven't faced many challenges. There are some roles I wont be considered for but the beauty standards and the public's tastes are changing.


At what point did you start to accept the changes within your body shape?

I have always been overweight so I've always kinda accepted it. I haven't always liked it tho. Sometimes I would work out just to stay at a place where I was comfortable, but I've never tried to be skinny.


Do you think within your culture/environment has changed attitudes towards accepting all types of the female body shape? 

In my culture, my body type is accepted. In my environment I have seen big changes. Men and women outside of my culture are becoming more accepting and see the beauty of full-figured women.


What would you tell your 15-year old self about your body?

You are always going to be overweight and there is nothing wrong with that. You will have friends and lovers who love you the way you are.


How do you celebrate your body shape?

Tight clothes, sheer/lace shirts and bikinis!

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