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Finding Creative Ways To Celebrate Your Body Shape

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As a woman of colour who has in the past (and still is) fighting against her body insecurities I sometimes get really frustrated that I have to turn to the internet for inspiration and advice on ways to overcome these issues that just seems to never end amongst society. I then get even more frustrated with the search results that Google brings out; if it's not an essay with statistics (which I don't always agree with) then its discussions on ways to ban certain images/adverts for its misleading messages. I guess coming from a creative background I yearn for a fresh approach that is visually pleasing and inspiring to the eye. Don't get me wrong, there are already some great fashion tips and look books from bloggers and organisations aiming to tackle this ever growing concern, but that's it. 

I just know that there are so many other creative ways to celebrate your body shape that can really uplift your confidence levels and explore one's individuality. So from my disappointing search results I decided to create a YouTube video in exploring creative and fun ways in celebrating your body shape in all its greatness and imperfections. I think woman of all ages, all races, all shapes and sizes can benefit from this as it doesn't focus on one type, it's an activity that everyone can get involved with as well as to contribute and have their say. I did this because I am no longer interested in reading or hearing statistics. I want to visually see how you can remind yourself everyday that your body is fun, it can be manipulated (in a good way) and it CAN be celebrated.

I aim to explore more creative and innovative ways in which our body shape can be celebrated by using materials and tools we see and use everyday.

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