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Body Celebration Profile: Mzznaki Tetteh @mzznaki

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In my Body Celebration Profiles I get the privilege of illustrating some EXTRAORDINARY women who not only embrace body confidence but are great ambassadors to women of all shapes and sizes to challenge the "ideal" body shape.
Mzznaki Tetteh (@mzznaki) became a victim of body shaming in June 2016 after posting her engagement pics to her now husband Kojo Amoah on Instagram. Fortunately, it wasn't the negative comments that got widespread attention but instead was Mzznaki's response to all the body shaming trolls. 
"Still confident…your rubbish comments ain’t ruining my happiness…thanks to all for the compliments and best wishes…am honoured. ✌✌"
I wanted to illustrate Mzznaki because she is a great example to the 'body positivity movement' and celebrates her shape through colour and fashion. I thank you Mzznaki for being an inspiration to me and to so many other women to champion our body shapes regardless of what others say and be proud of not being 'conventional'.
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