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5 Fun Exercises You Can Pick Up For Lent 2017

As we enter into the season of Lent, we often overlook the various type of ways we can discipline ourselves other than giving up something. Though it is a time of reflection and repentance, in today's modern society Lent can also be a great opportunity for self-development. Instead of giving up a daily habit of yours, challenge yourself to take up a new activity. Take inspiration from these greeting cards of 5 fun and active exercises you can easily take up for 40 days:


Apart from its millions of health benefits yoga is an exercise that can be picked up very easily and can be worked around your busy schedule. Starting with even the basic poses will improve strength, flexibility, breathing and most of all your wellbeing.


Jumping alone at a moderate rate can burn between 10-16 calories in a minute so you can imagine that rising up dramatically when you add a skipping rope to that equation. If your not a big fan of running you can make up for this through skipping as skipping for just 10 minutes equates to an 8-minute mile run.


Roller skating is a great all rounder exercise as it involves all of the body's muscles. Besides its amazing health benefits, it also has mental benefits. Roller skating clears the mind, reduces forms of depression, improves concentration and most importantly makes you happy.


Not only can this form of exercise be a complete change up to your average workouts it is also a great stress release from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be prepared for your confidence levels to be through the roof with this highly energetic and very challenging workout.


My personal favourite, hula hooping is proved to increase your balance, posture and poise. A 10-minute hula hoop exercise can have you burn up to 100 calories and most of all, it's just damn fun!

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